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About Us

About us

The Lions Club of Sunshine was chartered on 15th July, 1953. The club was the 17th Lions Club formed in Australia.

Since the club came in to being it has been an integral part of the Sunshine community. Many projects of the club were well known to the residents of the Sunshine area including: Sunshine Carnival, The Lions Annual Bonfire, Miss Sunshine Quest and many others.

The Club has been involved in raising funds for many institutions in the area, such as: Sunshine Swimming Pool, Mercy Hospice, Helping Hand Association, Sunshine Hospital, Sunshine Traffic School.

One of the main projects of the club was the construction of a purpose built Elderly Citizens Centre. The building in Watt St, Sunshine served as a community centre for nearly 50 years before being sold and converted to a church.

For a history of the first 50 years of the club refer to 50 Years of Sunshine (pdf format).

The club continues its work in the community in many varied projects and causes – for full information on these refer to other sections of this web site.

Serving the Community for over 60 years